Thursday, February 17, 2011

Xin Li Cao (Lili)

Xin Li Cao (Lili) Born on 1981 in Urumqi, China.Started practicing Judo at the age of 12.Became Judo junior women's champion in the National Games at the age of 13.
Became Judo 52 kg class women's champion in the National Games at the age of 15.
In the same year, also participated in the Almaty International Judo Competitions, ranked fifth.At 15 I started participating in a weightlifting team.In 1998 I started training for bodybuilding.
Xin Li CaoXin Li Cao (7)Xin Li Cao (8)Xin Li Cao (1)Xin Li Cao (2)Xin Li Cao (3)Xin Li Cao (5)
* Height: 5’2”
* Weight: 135-140 lbs. off-season, 118-120 lbs. competition
* Residence: New York, NY
Xin Li Cao (4)Xin Li Cao (6)
Contest History
* May 2000 – won the 52 kg class at the first General Assembly Session of the National Sports Competition.
* May 2001 – won the Chinese national Bodybuilding championship in 52kg weight calss
* Sep 2001 - won the Asian Bodybuilding Chamionship in South Koera
* Jul 2002 – won the Chinese national, and Asian bodybuliding championships
* Oct 2003 – won the Chinese national bodybuilder chamionship
* May 2004 – wonthe Chinese national bodybuilder chamionship
* Jul 2005 – third place in seventh world game in Germany
* May 2006 – won the third Chinese games bodybuilding championship
* Nov 2007 – won the middlweight and overall in NJ Golds Classic Bodybulding competition.
* Dec 2007 - thitd place in New York world championship
* 2008 – Currently training hard for the Eighth World Games to be held in Taiwan in 2009.

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