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Jana Linke-Sippl

Jana Linke-Sippl (born March 16, 1968) is a FBB female bodybuilder from Austria and a session mixed wrestler. Originally from Germany, Jana currently lives in the US and Graz. She has been interviewed and has frequently appeared on European TV Channels such as RTL.
she likes cruising with her motorbike in the street.
Before Germany was united, she lived in East Germany. When she came to West-Germany, it was the first time she saw a fitness-centre. she was very enthusiastic about it. she was always interested in sports, no matter what kind! she took part in track and field, she also skated a lot, played tennis and parachute jumped, but just for fun. It was more a hobby then a serious sport. One day she went into the fitness-centre and had her first training day, after that she knew, that's the right thing for her. she was always inspired of muscular women bodies and so she decided to work as hard as possible to get like them.
Because of her excellent genetics, she took part in IFBB-Competition in 1991, after only 16 months of training. It was her first competition. After that she stopped the training for 6 years, because of private reasons.
In 1997 she started again and just one year later , in 1998, she took part in competitions. Since that time she had improve very fast. In November 2005 she won her first Vice WM-Title at the Junior Masters WM and so her career of an amateur ended. A new period started for her as a professional in the year 2006. This gave her new motivations to try to compete on the top.
Contest history
* 2005 International Austria Cup - 1st
* Master's World Championship (Budapest)
* Europa Pro Show 5th place (2007)
* Upper Bavarian/Swabian championship 1st place (2003)
Height: 171cm - 5'7"
Competition Weight: 81 kg - 178 lbs.
Weight (Off season): 91 kg - 200 lbs.
Biceps: 43 cm - 17"
Chest: 117cm - 46"
Quads: 68 cm - 27"
Calves: 44 cm – 17,5"

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