Thursday, February 17, 2011

Loana Muttoni

Loana Muttoni is an Brazilian Amateur Fitness Competitor, live in São Paulo, Brazil.
she got second place in the São Paulo and Brazilian Championships.
Loana Muttoni (10)Loana Muttoni (11)Loana Muttoni (12)Loana Muttoni (13)
NabbaWorld Miss Fitness Champion Loana Muttoni is from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Always competitive, she started with figure skating before turning to fitness - first competing in 2003. Loana has featured in many fitness and figure magazines. She has crafted a truly stunning physique and her great looks go to make the perfect package. Her website has a bio, information on training and nutrition and a picture section for athletic women fans.
Loana Muttoni (15)Loana Muttoni (16)Loana MuttoniLoana Muttoni (9)Loana Muttoni (3)
her first contest was, in 2003, when she was 23 years old. she won the Nabba Estreantes Champioships in Brasil. The next year, in 2004, she came second in the Nabba Brasilian Championships. In 2005, she won the Nabba Brasilian Champioships, Nabba World and Nabba Universe.
Loana Muttoni (2)Loana Muttoni (1)Loana Muttoni (5)
Main titles:
2005 Nabba Fitness Universe
2005 Nabba Fitness World
2005 Nabba Fitness Brazil
Loana Muttoni (6)Loana Muttoni (7)Loana Muttoni (8)Loana Muttoni (14)
Name: Loana Paula Muttoni
Time of Training: 7 years
Time competiting: 3 years
Job/ former: Business Administrator
Age: 25 year old
Height: 1.58m
Off season weight: 60kg
Pre contest weight: 58kg
Chest: 90cm
Cintura: 65cm
Legs: 57cm
Birthday: 08/11/1980

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