Friday, February 18, 2011

Ildiko Gaspar

Ildiko Gaspar is a female bodybuilder. Her story mimics one of the great pioneers of bodybuilding - Arnold Schwarzenegger, in more ways than first meets the eye. Whilst on vacation in California from her home town in Australia, Ildiko entered the Muscle Beach Competition in Venice on Labor, and won the female bodybuilding category within days of stepping foot into the country.

Ildiko Gaspar was born in a small village in southern Hungary. At age 19, she emigrated to New Zealand before settling in Australia. Ildiko began bodybuilding in 2000 and has been training regularly.

Her first competition was in 2003 in New Zealand where she won the title in the category Physics at the South Islands Championships. But it is in the category "Figure" Ildiko made about her First in the "South Hemisphere Championships in Australia in 2007 and 2008 in Venice Muscle Beach in California.

Inspired by the pioneers of female bodybuilding, Ildiko believes that preparing for competitions is not necessarily a priority. For her, bodybuilding is an opportunity to open new doors.

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