Monday, November 1, 2010

tomoko kanda

tomoko kanda is japanese female bodybuilder .
she Get Started When she was at a gym, she met a friend who was a power lifter and asked her to become his training partner. That dragged her into serious training in bench pressing.
some of her best lifts is Dumbbell press 85 lb for reps, lat pull down 200 lb (entire stack), bench press 225 lb (max), barbell rows 225 lb (for reps). Squats over 500 lb (on hack squat machine).

*Born: Osaka, Japan
* Height: 5'4"
* Weight: 135lb (contest) 150-170 lb offseason.
* Years Bodybuilding: 14
* Favorite Bodypart: Back
* Favorite Exercise: Dumbbell Press, Barbell Press

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