Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Angie Robertson

Angie Robertson is a bodybuilder from Phoenix Arizona. She gradually transitioned into bodybuilding from fitness and figure. She loved the thrill of competing and hamming it up on stage so fitness seemed like the perfect fit.
After a few years though, it started to take its toll. There was so much extra work involved with the routines and gymnastics that she decided to try figure. It allowed her to compete and have short term goals to work towards AND a life. After taking her physique to Nationals and the USAs, she quickly learned that her body type and physique was too full and thick for Figure.

The transition to bodybuilding was not initially an easy one, but the one thing that allowed her to keep an open mind is that she loves to train and push hard in the gym. This definitely allowed her to go all out and really start seeing some major changes in her body. That being said, she is hooked. Angie has learned to deal with both the positive and the negative that comes from not looking like most females she encounters. People tend to stare and there is always the infamous “How much do you bench?” question.
Her friends/family/trainer/boyfriend are totally supportive and make the journey so much better. As for role models, it’s more about taking a little bit of the best from everyone and using that to motivate and inspire her to strive to the next level.

She will see where this journey of body transformation takes her and she plans to continue to have fun and go hard. She hopes that at some point she is able to inspire others to just SHUT UP AND TRAIN.

* Hometown: Norphlet
* Body type: 5' 5" / Average
* Ethnicity: White / Caucasian

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