Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Luciana Andrade

Luciana Andrade is a female bodybuilder born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. she now live and work in New York City as a personal trainer. she was always involved in physical activities since she was a young girl in Brazil. she played soccer and studied ballet and jazz dance and karate and at 13 she started weight training because her legs were so skinny and other kids at school used to make fun of her! In the beginning, she just wanted to make her legs more proportionate with her body, but she became so involved and passionate about the sport that she ended up competed at 19 years of age. That was her first show and she took first place! she got so excited and motivated that she competed a few more times and took first place in various competitions. Unfortunately, she had to stop, because it is very expensive and in Brazil there is not much opportunity for female bodybuilders to get sponsors, etc…

she train six times a week. she find that she get the best results by shocking her muscles, so she really don’t have a set routine every week. she always change the body parts, exercises, sets and reps so that she always feel sore the next day.

her favorite exercise is squats. she LOVE training legs. she squat 10 reps with about 500lbs and her legs are 26”.she don’t like to train shoulders much because they tend to get very pumped and she don’t like the way she look with big shoulders.

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