Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fredia Gibbs

Fredia “The Cheetah” Gibbs (born July 8, 1963) a.k.a. “The Most Dangerous Woman in the World” is a sports icon and Muay Thai kickboxing legend. Gibbs is a 3 Time World Champion in Kickboxing and the first African American female to hold the world kickboxing championship for the International Sport Karate Association. She is known for having a very balanced attack as a kick-boxer that includes a ferocious overhand right, a mighty left, and lighting quick feet.

In 1990, after moving to North Hollywood, California, “The Cheetah” adopted kickboxing as her sport under the instructions of Rubin Urquidez, David Krapes & Bangkok’s Master Sur Puk & Saekson Janjira of Muay Thai Academy of North Hollywood. Her Muay Thai manager was Felice Levair & her publicist was William Peele of Los Angeles, Ca. The move to kickboxing was a natural one for Gibbs who had first starting kicking at the age of 11 (and received her black belt at the age of 23) while studying martial arts under the instruction of Master Rick Berri, Nick Nichols, and her Uncle William Groce of Quiet Storm Karate Club in Chester, Pennsylvania. Additionally, Gibbs won her first World Tae Kwon Do Championship Tournament in St. Petersburg, FL, beating the 2 time returning champion from Puerto Rico.

It didn’t take long for Gibbs to burst into the kickboxing world as a fierce contender and great female warrior. She amassed a kickboxing record of 16-0-1 with 15 KO’s. Gibbs’ only draw came from an exhibition fight with a male. Her greatest accomplishment as a professional kickboxer came when she shocked the European circuit by winning the ISKA World Championship with a knockout during her fight with the heavily favored Valerie Henin in "The Battle of the Masters" PPV show. The defeat in April 1994 made Gibbs the first African American female to hold the world kickboxing championship for the International Sport Karate Association. Although Henin had previously been known as “the most dangerous woman in the world’ in the European kickboxing circles, Gibbs took claim to the name

After her kickboxing career, Gibbs moved on to the world of professional boxing achieving a record of 9-2-1 (2 K0). She made her debut in January 1997 by winning in a decision over Maria Fortaleza Recinos. In her next fight, Gibbs went on to beat Daniele Doobenen by outscoring her in a four round fight. Later that year she managed to stop two of her opponents, Gail Grandchamp and Annaliese Kolan, by relying on her strength, aggressiveness, and consistency.

Gibbs got her first shot at a boxing title March 21, 1998. Her boxing coaches were Randy Shields and then Terry Claybon, Hollywoods' Celebrity Boxing & Acting Coach. Despite opening a cut over her opponent Leah Mellinger’s left eye, Gibbs was defeated for the first time in her career. Fortunately, the defeat wasn’t enough to stop Gibbs; she fought back by moving on to win her next two fights against Olivia Gerula and Hannah Fox, both by a six round unanimous decision.

After taking a brief break from boxing, “The Cheetah” returned to the ring June 8, 2001 for a fight against Susan Howard at the Hollywood Park Casino. After winning the four round fight in a unanimous decision, Gibbs proved she was still a great female warrior.

On November 16, 2001 Gibbs went on to battle it out with Sumya Anani, IFBA Intercontinental Junior Welterweight and IBA Lightweight champion who had previously beaten Christy Martin. The exciting 10 round fight ended in a majority draw, leaving both fighters with their first draw and the WIBA World title vacant.

Gibbs' next fight against Kanicia "Queen Bee" Eley put her on the same card as Laila Ali in the hometown of Ali's father Muhammed Ali. After fighting four rounds against Kanicia Eley, Gibbs was declared the winner. She then decided to go up against Sumya Anani again, less than two years after their original match. Unfortunately, the rematch had a disappointing end for Gibbs who injured her right hand in the first round leaving Anani to win by TKO. Also for the past 7 years Gibbs has been the sparring partner, trainer & corner person for Mia St. John.

birth date: 1963-07-09
division: light welterweight
height: 5′ 7½″ / 171cm
alias: The Cheetah
country : United States
residence: North Hollywood, California, United States
birth place: Chester, PA, USA

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