Friday, December 10, 2010

Jamie Troxel

Jamie Troxel is a huge and incredibly sexy female bodybuilder. She really is something special .Strength runs in the family, and for Jamie Troxel, it was her Mom and Dad who got her into lifting weights. Those same family genetics have also helped carry her to the top ranks of the National level in the lightweight bodybuilding class.

So it's no surprise that Troxel took up powerlifting before switching over to bodybuilding, and anyone looking at her physique can see the dense muscularity built from heavy lifting.

A lot of that lifting was because of sports, and Troxel started in ninth grade when she joined the high school track and field discus and shot-put team.

That era was when the muscular female physique was really taking off and it pushed Troxel into training and competing in her first bodybuilding show.
Quite a list of impressive accomplishments for someone so young, but that's to be expected of someone who has been able to juggle so much.
When she's not managing all of that, Troxel likes competitive roller skating, spending time with her kids and going on long Harley rides with her husband.

While continuing to showcase some of the most dense and mature muscle in the lightweight class at the National level, Troxel is sure to be knocking on the class title when she next hits the stage. A true bodybuilder and physique athlete, she is 100% committed to it.

Contest History
1992 NASA National Powerlifting, Benched 165 lb. (American Teenage Record)
1993 Powerlifting Competitions/ Bodybuilding contest on Okinawa, Japan
1994 NPC Las Vegas Classic 3rd LW
2000 5th Annual Far East Okinawa Japan, LW and overall
2001 NPC Virginia Natural Bodybuilding 1st LW and overall
2001 NPC Jr. National 2nd LW
2002 NPC Bodyrock 2nd LW
2002 NPC USA 5th LW
2003 NPC USA 3rd LW
2003 NPC Armed Forces 1st LW
2003 NPC Virginia State 1st LW
2003 NPC Team Universe 1st LW
2004 NPC Nationals 3rd LW
2005 NPC Nationals 2nd LW

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